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    My son entered LearningRX as a very challenged reader. He had many of the skills he needed to read, but had a hard time putting those skills together. He also seemed to have a "leak" that made it difficult to retain knowledge over a long period of time. After working with a trainer at LearningRX for 20-weeks, his skills improved dramatically. His trainer, Will Atkinson, made the hard work of brain training fun for my 10-year old son. LearningRX accomplished what we had hoped it would and it was one of the best academic things we have ever done for children.

                                            Cindy Puhek  (Learningrx Colorado springs).

   Wonderful staff! The trainer with my son was fantastic and he always liked going! The center director meets with you periodically and helps you with stuff going on at home too! Such a wonderful support system throughout and after training. Our son really blossomed in auditory processing and logic and reasoning. Many of the skills we are now using in our homeschooling program. Worth every penny if you know your child struggles in the areas they test for! Boosted my son's confidence and self esteem also, which is a huge part of learning!

                                               Sue Walker (learningrx Colorado springs).



    The human brain 7 major cognitive skills. These are the core skills that responsible for reading, thinking, learning, reasoning, retentiveness and also for paying attention. These cognitive skills work together to receive incoming information and move the information received into the knowledge bank you use every day at school, work, and in life. Here at INTELLIGENCE GYM Brain Training Centre, we use one-on-one brain training method to train the cognitive skills used for thinking and learning.         

    The INTELLIGENCE GYM brain training is a product of a 35-year research focusing on the cognitive skills that are essential for learning and general mental performance. Our training has helped people (children and adult) with ADHD and attention struggles, learning disabilities, memory decline. Your cognitive skills are responsible for processing of new information; if one skill is weak, learning is impacted.

 Here’s a brief description of each of your cognitive skills, as well as struggles you may be experiencing if that skill is weak:



Function: This skill helps you stay focused on task at hand for a sustained period of time.

Effect of weakness of this skill: starting different tasks, lots of unfinished projects.



Function: This skill helps you to stay focus even while distracted

Effect of weakness of this skill: Easily distracted




Function: This skill helps you remember information while doing two things at a time. 

Effect of weakness of this skill: struggles with multitasking and frequent mistakes. 


Function: This cognitive skill enables you to recall information stored in the past.
Effect of weakness of this skill: Poor performance in tests, inability to remember names, inability to remember things you used to know.




Function: This skill helps you to hold on to information while in use.

Problems when this skill is weak: Inability to remember what was just said in a conversation, difficulty following multi-step directions.



Function: This is a vital skill that enables you to reason, form ideas and solve problems.

Effect of weakness of this skill: Struggling with math, frequently asking, “What do I do next?” or saying, “I don’t get this,”, feeling stuck or overwhelmed. 



Function: This skill helps to analyze, blend, and segment sounds. 

Effect of weakness of this skill: Reading and learning struggles, reading fluency, or reading comprehension.



Function: This skill helps you to think in visual images. 

Problems when this skill is weak: Inability to understand what you’ve just read, reading maps, remembering what you’ve read, following directions, solving word math problems.



Function: This skill helps with faster and accurate performance of tasks.
Effect of weakness of this skill: Taking a long time to complete tasks for school or work, frequently being the last one in a group to finish something.


_We offer  one-on-one training as well as a scientifically proven digital training


_Results guaranteed,  testimonies assured        

_ Our professional brain trainers  areproductive in delivery while treating our clients with love 

_We  offer free online training (for more details please call, +234 703 847 2282) 

BrainRx Intelligence Gym has a unique approach which is the one-on-one training.

-BrainRx Intelligence Gym brain training focus on results by encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels.

- BrainRx Intelligence Gym brain training challenges clients to recognize and pursue their potentials, learning to see failure as a temporary stepping stone to greater success.

-BrainRx Intelligence Gym brain training encourages struggling children and adults to engage, embrace challenges, recognize improvements, and celebrate gains.

- No, as tutoring works on new information that wasn't grasped by a student or (missed entirely)

- BrainRx Intelligence Gym brain training works on the weak cognitive skills that are making it hard for the student to grasp new information (even when it is well presented).

Brainrx Intelligence Gym brain training helps students with reading struggles caused by weak cognitive

-Our training helps children and adults with poor memory skills, poor concentration and weak auditory processing skills.

Not at all. We work with individuals from ages 5 to 99 because:

-Cognitive weaknesses are not necessarily strengthened by time or age.

-Children who struggle with reading, learning, reasoning, remembering, or attention often grow into adults with the same struggles.

- Many of our clients are, adults of all ages and stages of life, from the college-bound to career builders to seniors.

-The first step is to call in for our free brain quiz which will show you the performance of your brain, once you are done you get to know the weak skill(s).

- Next step is to schedule a Brain skill assessment. This assessment will pinpoint specific weaknesses and offer a detailed understanding of your struggles.

- Then you will be assigned a trainer.

- It is the cognitive skills training that targets weak areas of the brain that leads to struggles with thinking, learning, reading, memory and attention.


- It targets those skills through intense but enjoyable mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads and remembers.


-At brainrx intelligence gym  one-on-one brain training with your personal  trainer is guaranteed.

The answer is yes.

-This is because BrainRx Intelligence Gym brain training strengthens the cognitive weaknesses, that are linked to attention disorders.

- Neuroscience shows that by targeting and stimulating the underactive region of the brain that causes inattention, that attention can be strengthened.

-Attention is strengthened when a person performs a task requiring attention while exposed to structured distractions.


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