What Is Brain Training?

    Major things you need to know about Intelligence Gym  brain training:

  • The Intelligence Gym brain training program consist of highly intense mental exercises that helps to strengthen and sharpen the cognitive skills the brain uses to read, learn, think, reason and pay attention


  • Brain training is in all way different from tutoring. The Intelligence Gym brain training program influences how the brain grasps and process incoming information. It is far different from information taught at school.
  • Brain training experience is fun and the result is rewarding. The game-like exercises are extremely enjoyable, and the speedy improvements is highly rewarding.
  • The Intelligence Gym brain training is for persons between age 6-99 years. Our training sharpens the brain skills use in school, at work, and in everyday life. When the cognitive skills are strengthened, life experience becomes comfortable.
  • At Intelligence Gym brain training center, we use the digital training method (the use of game-like exercises) on a computer and one-on-one brain training.


    The human brain 7 major cognitive skills. These are the core skills that responsible for reading, thinking, learning, reasoning, retentiveness and also for paying attention. These cognitive skills work together to receive incoming information and move the information received into the knowledge bank you use every day at school, work, and in life. Here at INTELLIGENCE GYM Brain Training Centre, we use one-on-one brain training method to train the cognitive skills used for thinking and learning.         

    The INTELLIGENCE GYM brain training is a product of a 35-year research focusing on the cognitive skills that are essential for learning and general mental performance. Our training has helped people (children and adult) with ADHD and attention struggles, learning disabilities, memory decline. Your cognitive skills are responsible for processing of new information; if one skill is weak, learning is impacted.

 Here’s a brief description of each of your cognitive skills, as well as struggles you may be experiencing if that skill is weak:



Function: This skill helps you stay focused on task at hand for a sustained period of time.

Effect of weakness of this skill: starting different tasks, lots of unfinished projects.



Function: This skill helps you to stay focus even while distracted

Effect of weakness of this skill: Easily distracted




Function: This skill helps you remember information while doing two things at a time. 

Effect of weakness of this skill: struggles with multitasking and frequent mistakes. 


Function: This cognitive skill enables you to recall information stored in the past.
Effect of weakness of this skill: Poor performance in tests, inability to remember names, inability to remember things you used to know.




Function: This skill helps you to hold on to information while in use.

Problems when this skill is weak: Inability to remember what was just said in a conversation, difficulty following multi-step directions.



Function: This is a vital skill that enables you to reason, form ideas and solve problems.

Effect of weakness of this skill: Struggling with math, frequently asking, “What do I do next?” or saying, “I don’t get this,”, feeling stuck or overwhelmed. 



Function: This skill helps to analyze, blend, and segment sounds. 

Effect of weakness of this skill: Reading and learning struggles, reading fluency, or reading comprehension.



Function: This skill helps you to think in visual images. 

Problems when this skill is weak: Inability to understand what you’ve just read, reading maps, remembering what you’ve read, following directions, solving word math problems.



Function: This skill helps with faster and accurate performance of tasks.
Effect of weakness of this skill: Taking a long time to complete tasks for school or work, frequently being the last one in a group to finish something.

Tutoring vs Brain Training



Difference between Tutoring and Brain Training?

Tutoring is the act of teaching or instructing. It delivers information while brain training enhances performance of the brain. Studies have shown that weak cognitive skills are the cause of at least 85% of all learning struggles as against the common assertion that most learning struggles occur because the information was presented poorly and needs to be re-taught. Someone experiencing weakness in any of the seven cognitive skills find learning difficult irrespective of how and the number of times that information is taught or explained. Tutoring is not a permanent solution to the learning struggles. If the cognitive skills are weak and tutoring is employed, the child may get through a class or project but with intelligence gym brain training, cognitive skills are strengthened.


Brain Training Deals on the Cause of Learning Struggles

At Intelligence Gym Brain Training Centre, once the weak cognitive skills that is causing the struggles have been identified, we target and focus on strengthening those skills. Someone with stronger cognitive skills grasps and processes information faster and easier than before and often may not need tutoring.


  Signs that you or your child could benefit from INTELLIGENCE GYM Brain

 training include the following:

  • Your child is still struggling in subjects for which he/she has been receiving tutoring
  • Your child is struggling with his/her homework
  • Your child (ren) has been struggling for more than one session with their class assignments or grades or homework 
  • Your child thinks he/she isn’t as smart as other kids
  • Your child has to work longer hours than peers to get good grades
  • Your child is smart already and you want him to get smarter

 Three things INTELLIGENCE GYM Brain Training Does That Tutoring Doesn’t

Brain Training Treats the Root Cause: Brain training improves the weak cognitive skills that causes the majority of reading and learning struggles. Cognitive skills weakness is the cause of struggles in 8 out of 10 students who struggle in school.

Provides Transferable Gains: Intelligence Gym Brain training program improves how the brain functions in class while learning topics for years to come, this tend to reduce the cost of tutoring.

Literally Changes How the Brain Performs: Every day, researches are being made, proving that intense mental exercise generates changes in the brain and enhance its performance. BrainRx Intelligence Gym delivers intense mental training two ways for maximum visible results.

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